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Welcome to Ignisium

A technology holdings company in San Diego, California - "America's Finest City."

We currently operate ventures in digital new media design (web design, graphic design, print design), data infrastructure (website hosting, domain name registration, and DNS services), professional event photography, and continue to look to the future for lucrative business opportunities in the technology-driven society we live in.

You are invited to learn more about our current ventures, the company, and how you can get involved.

About Ignisium

Ignisium San Diego Brainstormers

Ignisium is a technology holdings company with ventures in digital new media, data infrastructure, event photography services, and more already in concept development.

Like many other tech companies, our laurels are humble beginnings - starting with a 486 computer way back in 1998, to be precise. Since then, we've grown to provide innovative, boundary-pushing solutions in many sectors.

Our philosophy is that nothing is perfect - everything can be improved. Utilizing the exceptional power of visionary thought, the talented minds at Ignisium thrive on taking ideas and concepts and developing them into practical, real world solutions for the benefit of all involved.

The blessing (and curse) of creative minds is that they do not rest - and we are no different. We continue to aspire to even greater achievements. Our love is creating something wonderful, powerful, helpful, and (hopefully) lucrative!

Realizing that we don't know it all (as much as we would like to), and that great ideas are born everywhere, we embrace new ideas and opportunities from other sources. If you think you're onto something great, and want help with development and implementation - give us a buzz, we'd like to chat. If it turns out the concept isn't something for us, we have a network of business contacts who may be interested in your idea(s).

Ignisium Ventures

We've come a long way in the past fifteen years, and we continue to look to the future as we grow. The following are the current ventures operated by Ignisium. We invite you to learn more, work, and grow with us.

White Wonder Studios

White Wonder Studios

www.whitewonder.com - Website & Graphic Design

White Wonder Studios is the digital new media venture of Ignisium LLC providing website design / development, website maintenance, graphic design, print design, identity / branding, social media marketing, as well as general Internet, network, and computer consulting.

Ignisium started with White Wonder Studios, back in 1998, and White Wonder Studios still is our flagship venture.

Sun City Networks

Sun City Networks

www.suncitynetworks.com - Web Hosting & Domain Services

Ensuring fast, seamless delivery of web content requires an extensive hardware/software infrastructure. It only made sense to start offering Web Hosting services to Ignisium clients, increasing internal revenue while maintaining greater control over the quality of hosting services provided.

Sun City Networks was born through a partnership with Landis Holdings (web hosting infrastructure), the international UK2 Group Limited (domain name registrar services), and Google (enterprise email and data solutions).

Sun City Networks provides Web Hosting with 99.999% guaranteed uptime, Domain Name Registration, and online identity management solutions.

Glitterati Media

Glitterati Media

www.glitteratimedia.com - Professional, Creative Photography

The newest venture of Ignisium, Glitterati Media brings together a group of San Diego photographers to provide professional photography services for San Diego, southern California, and across the United States.

Creatively shooting is what our photographers do. Glitterati means "the beautiful, fashionable, and/or high-class/famous people." We embrace this and take it upon ourselves to make everyone and everything we photograph worthy of the "Glitterati" label.

Special event photography, nightlife photography, red carpet coverage, and photobooth setups are the specialties of Glitterati Media. Glitterati Media also continues to offer more "traditional" photography services including commercial photography, architectural photography, real estate photography, headshots / portraits, family photography, and other photography services.

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